The $4,800 Italian pedelec bicycle

Leave it to the Italians to mesh green transportation technology and sophisticated looks.

We saw this marriage most recently at the Los Angeles Auto Show courtesy of Fiat and its new 500e electric coupe, and now young Italian company Leaos looks to have debuted a pedelec bicycle starting at around $4,800 that will definitely grab some looks as you ride it down the street.

The new Leaos electric bike, according to TechnologicVehicles, was imagined by one “Francesco Sommacal, a young designer whose task has been to include a maximum of elements in the (carbon monocoque) frame.” He seems to have handily accomplished this, showcasing a design that cleverly hides its 250-watt, 36 volt electric motor and associated battery pack in the frame so yo’d never guess this is an electric ride.

Built for a unisex riding experience, the Leaos offering can be customized to one’s body color choice, leather seat color choice as well as having a name engraved on it. It comes standard with on ballon tires, hydraulic disc brakes and integrated LED lights – all while having a total body weight of around 42 pounds.

For those looking for some optional equipment, these include a mud guard, 8-speed Shimano Nexus hub, rack, bags, infant seat, helmet and an anti-theft GPS device. There’s no specific mention of riding range with the electric assist or energy storage capacity of the battery as of yet, and at this point it looks as if Leaos is taking advanced orders for the electric bike.

Nino Marchetti, EarthTechling