BMW C Evolution electric scooter hits Paris runway

Much of the green car buzz around BMW at the upcoming Paris Motor Show will likely focus on the i3 Concept and Concept Active Tourer.

Nevertheless, BMW motorcycle brand Motorrad isn’t showing up empty-handed, as it plans to showcase the latest evolution of its electric scooter concept, which was first detailed last year.

Now known as the BMW C evolution, this near production prototype electric scooter is equipped with a liquid-cooled electric motor that boasts a continuous output of 11 kW and a peak output of 35 kW. It will have a top speed electronically limited to nearly 75 miles per hour, and its 8 kWh, high voltage battery will support a range under normal driving conditions of around 60 miles.

Like other electric vehicles, the battery of the BMW C evolution can be charged either via conventional household power or at a higher voltage public charging station. A car-type charging socket, said to be the only one of its kind at the moment in an electrically powered two wheel vehicle, serves as the connector to refuel the battery. Under the right conditions, BMW said, a completely empty battery could be powered up in less than three hours.

Energy recharging of the battery can also occur in what’s described as an intelligent methodology by the electric scooter when in coasting mode as well as when one is braking.

BMW plans to launch what it calls “an appropriate premium product on the market in the foreseeable future,” and one key item around this is the fact the BMW C evolution is said in terms of acceleration from 0 to 60 km/h to comfortably hold “its own against current maxi scooters with a capacity of 600 cc or more.”  

It offers some other interesting features as well, including a twin disc braking system with ABS, multi-functional instrument cluster and a LED daytime running light.

* Nino Marchetti, EarthTechling