Tribey electric tricycle not your kid’s big wheel

From the niche world of off beat design electric vehicles comes a sick looking tricycle with a twist – you can ride it either sitting down or standing up.

It is called Tribey and the designer is one Robert Worobey of Black Sparrow Industries.

The Tribey seems to be designed for those who like boarding while standing up, so it should appeal to skateboards and snowboarders alike. 

It is a hell of a machine when it comes to specifications given the simplicity of its design – a top speed of 25 miles per hour for a rider who weighs 195 pounds; a 48 volt, 10 amp hour battery pack and a range of 18 miles per charge, depending on hills, wind, and throttle movement.

Worobey says he has put the Tribey through the paces for all sorts of on, and off, road conditions, including three-inch deep potholes, rain, puddles, sand, rocks and wind. The end result is one tough son of a gun of a vehicle, stretching six feet, six inches, weighing 90 pounds and sporting BMX rims with some thick wheels for the variety of terrain it can be ridden on.

As Gizmag notes, one of the more fascinating aspects of the Tribey is that it is “designed to be both repairable and upgradable” by its owner. For example, one can replace the regular rear assembly with anything custom that has a connecting 1.25 inch tube diameter. One could even attach a bicycle trailer or surf board rack reportedly if so desired.

Other notable features of this design include a charge time of four hours on the battery, front and rear lights, a horn, cruise control, thumb throttle and an electronic/mechanical braking system. The most current version Black Sparrow is selling, the Mark 7, sports as well things like reinforced connection points and a lower profile accessory mount.

As each one is built to order, expect a several week time frame after you’ve put in your request. As for price, well, it is around $2,500. Not cheap, but for something hand built and unique like this we can understand why.

Nino Marchetti, EarthTechling