Video: Green QBEAK is a long-range EV

I’ve often said that electric vehicle designers typically have questionable taste.

True, there are some sexy EVs from companies such as Tesla, but then there are also very strangely designed and rather unattractive EVs. Case in point – the odd little QBEAK EV designed by ECOmove.

Nevertheless, the QBEAK is quite notable for combining multiple modular battery packs with a bio-methanol fuel cell. This allows QBEAK owners to switch between different packs and cell, thus facilitating extended-range driving abilities.

To be sure, the QBEAK boasts six “energy slots” that can be used to store battery packs, a fuel cell, or a methanol tank. When used in conjunction with a fuel cell, the vehicle promises approximately 500 miles of driving range. The car also offers 180 miles of driving on battery power alone when equipped with six battery modules.

The catch, aside from a complete lack of aesthetics? The Danish ECOmove is offering no hard details on QBEAK availability, other than confirming the vehicle will be produced sometime this year.

“We have chosen to use alternative light weight materials,” explained ECOmove CEO Mogens Løkke. “The QBEAK is equipped with a range of sustainable, competitive features such as in-wheel motors, an unique chassis platform with room for a flexible battery modules and a communication system based on a smartphone.”

There is no indication of how much the vehicle will cost, while lingering concerns over the lack of methanol fueling stations remain.