Eggasus EV your next urban ride?

Green car designs sometimes tend to be, well, rather interesting and not always that attractive to average drivers. 

Some designs of the Toyota Prius hybrid, for example, are considered egg like in their look, though personally I don’t mind that design and have a Prius in that shape myself. 

It definitely is not as egg looking though as this new niche electric car design planned for US launch this fall – the Eggasus.

 Very much looking like a vertical egg on wells, the Eggasus is described by its makers as a “completely unique, quiet, futuristic personal transportation device.”

The vehicle is three wheeled, according to AutoChunk, and has an electric hub motor in the front wheel. Other features include an enclosed cab, tinted windows, ergonomically comfortable seat and instrument display panel.

Its cost? $5,000 for one given vehicle.

While we will leave the debate of whether that’s too much or not for the Eggasus to the comments, the idea this electric vehicle is focused on solving is one we can get behind – addressing “exploding traffic congestion, parking shortages, extreme air and noise pollution.” 

This is an idea the Eggasus is not unique to solving given its design – consider the slightly similar looking GM EN-V for example – but the thought still remains sound: small, urban electric vehicles that can move around the landscape at an ok speed, produce zero carbon emissions and be capable of having multiple units park in a single space to conserve on the paving of paradise.

The Eggasus team, which has an actual working prototype of this vehicle already, is said to have “been involved in prototype vehicle design, engineering and construction an production of specialty gas and electric vehicles for over 25 years.”

Their design is “inspired by decades of research in alternative urban transportation studies,” and likely could be at equally home either in an urban core or on a corporate campus.

Crowdsource fundraising, as of the time this story went to press, is currently underway by the Eggasus developers to help with bringing this vehicle to market. Funds will be utilized, according to them, to complete the molds and produce the first pilot production run of vehicles.

* Nino Marchetti, EarthTechling