Bloom module makes off grid living easy

An interesting concept mobile living module called Bloom is designed to let you get away from it all without sacrificing the more civilized aspects of modern life.

By designer Olga Kalugina, the Bloom module is totally independent of the grid, featuring solar batteries, air and water solar collectors, a water treatment filter, and a slow combustion furnace and mechanical dust filter.

Kalugina also designed Bloom to literally unfold laterally, creating more internal space so that it can comfortably house six persons for about a week (but perhaps maybe not your in-laws!).

Within this six-person, self-sustaining envelope is a living space comprised of the entrance, three private living zones (bedrooms, etc.), and a dining area Kalugina calls the “lunch zone.”  

Add to that the sanitary-and-hygienic block (bathroom) and a kitchen center, and you have a sleek, modernistic living space that Captain James T. Kirk would recognize instantly.

The private living zones accommodate two people comfortably, and fold out to do double duty as public living areas when not in use. Sleeping arrangements are achieved via bunk bed-style platforms, the top one a folding shelf, the bottom transforming to a sofa and bench during daylight hours to create a working zone.

Kalugina visualizes these units, which can be connected to create even more room or disconnected for a single vacationer, as being purchased by travel resorts, hauled to the site by truck (or helicopter), and placed far, far off the beaten path; think Timbuktu or Antarctica. 

Even so, distance from civilization is not an issue for Bloom, with its cleverly tucked in and concealed amenities (electric plate, refrigerator, luggage shelf, bunk ladder, and door that folds out into a kitchen table). In fact, judging by appearance and descriptions, the Bloom is even cooler and more comprehensively outfitted than the prefab H1+C living unit by BRIO54.

Jeanne Roberts, EarthTechling