Electric car concept gets by on good old pedal power

With gas prices and the economy in such a dismal state right now, I feel bad for anyone shopping for a car.

Although it’s not absolutely necessary, owning a personal vehicle does afford one a sense of independence with which few things can compete, especially if you’re a high school aged kid. But who says personal transportation can only come in the form of a car or truck?

Designer Adam Danko has come up with a hybrid vehicle that is both cheap and practical for a solo driver, with an aesthetic that will definitely appeal for those who love adventure and the outdoors.

Dubbed the Sandman, Danko’s design features simple construction and design, having only inevitable components that insure the lowest possible weight.

As this review points out, the best part of the Sandman’s design (besides the fact that it looks like a go-cart!) is its seamless blend of human propulsion and an electric engine. The electro engine placed at the joint of the pedal mechanism helps the driver to pedal along. 

The vehicle is powered by a very light and compact LiPOL battery, which is placed under the seats. The car is not controlled by the steering wheel, but with levers placed along the sides of the seats.

Although it might take some getting used to the recumbent style and lack of a roof, the Sandman could actually be a popular concept in densely populated areas where most amenities are close by, but parking is difficult. 

The Sandman’s compact size and hybrid power systems would also make it ideal for drivers on a tight budget.

No gas money this week? Just start pedaling.

Beth Buczynski, EarthTechling