MonoTracer revs electric 2-wheeler

The creators of the Peraves MonoTracer MTE-150, an electric vehicle that looks like a cross between a Prius and a motorcycle, recently announced plans to make the final production version available to enthusiasts.

EarthTechling’s focus on clean technology leads us to report on lots of exciting new vehicles, from electric bikes to solar powered airplanes. But while most of these stories are quite interesting, they’re often years away from practical applications in the public sector, and as such don’t have much bearing on our daily lives. 

That changes when innovators like MonoTracer CEO Roger Riedener put in the extra leg work to bring their concepts to market, and it’s always exciting news.

The electric MonoTracer, which won the coveted Swiss X-Prize in late 2010, is a Kevlar monocoque cabin motorcycle featuring AC Propulsion’s new 3rd generation 150-kilowatt (200 horsepower) system and a surprisingly comfortable interior that can fit two people. 

And as this Autoblog review points out, when driven at a steady 45 miles per hour, it can return an eye-popping 525 MPGe, although 350 MPGe is probably a better estimate for realistic driving situations. With a lithium-polymer battery pack that holds over 20 kWhrs of energy, this translates into a safe 200-mile range.

The MonoTracer’s unique design makes the vehicle perfect for auto enthusiasts who want the performance and agility of a motorcycle, without depending on gas and ruining their hairdos in the driving wind.

A series of short videos with Roger Riedener on the MonoTracer blog provide plenty of insight into this remarkable vehicle.

* Beth Buczynski, EarthTechling