10 most important IT fruits revealed

Software is important. Hardware is essential. Networking is vital. But fruits are clearly more important than any of these. Here’s a list of the most important 10 IT fruits.

1.Apple If a Jobs worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Apple is clearly the most important fruit on the planet. And it’s in the Bible. And it’s based in a town named after an important saint. It’s getting everything right.
2.Apricot A great little British computer company, famed for throwing the wildest parties in the most extravagant way but which has unfortunately disappeared.
3.Bananas The idea of naming technology companies after fruit.
4.Orange A telephone company. Enough said.
5.Raspberry Delicious with cream and in our view much nicer than strawberries and cream.
6.Blackberry A telephone company. Enough said.
7.Pear You get nothing for a pear, not in this game.
8.Lychee Not much technology in there. Plus you have to peel them to get to the juicy stuff. Not our favorite fruit
9.Gooseberry This is when you find yourself in the presence of two entities involved in a joint venture when they’re kissing and cuddling up to each other.
10.Melon  One of the most important universities in IT, Carnegie Melon has contributed much to the technology sector. [You’re fired, you fool. Ed.]