Sony’s PSP Go is go

Sony’s PSP Go has launched with new firmware that could be the way games machines are going – it can talk to a mobile phone via Bluetooth to establish a WiFi or 3G Internet connection.

While this is undoubtedly an interesting development, it’s not completely good news for PSP aficionados with a collection of games on UMD discs – the new gadget doesn’t have a UMD drive. A label on the box warns: “This device does not have a UMD drive. PlayStation Network account and Internet access are required to download games and other copyright-protected content.”

But of course, no one will read that until they’ve got the thing home and by then it’s too late. Sadly, you’ll just have to pay for your games all over again.

Sony says around 16,000 pieces of software are available for download to the PSP, including 13,300 TV shows, 2,300 movies and 225 games. Sony adds that the new SensMe software ‘detects music mood and tempo’. SensMe uses 12 Tone Analysis technology to evaluate Media Go content imported tracks to automatically categorize the songs into 12 different channels such as Relax, Newly Added, Mellow, Upbeat, Emotional and so on.

Sounds absolutely ghastly to me.