Sprint’s Evo 3D to be packed with 3D goodies

What is likely to be the first true 3D phone will come with a gaggle of pre-installed 3D content.

The Evo 3D, manufactured by HTC, was revealed at the CTIA mobile trade show in March. Although it was not the first phone to be announced with glasses-free 3D technology (that goes to AT&T and LG), it is widely expected to be the first that will actually go on sale.

Though Sprint has not announced a release date for its latest device to carry the ‘Evo’ moniker, internal memos have been leaked to suggest it will hit stores on June 24.

Additionally, the memos point out that it will come out with enough content to show off to your friends right away, including:

– The complete movie The Green Hornet in 3D

– HTC Watch app

– Demo of Ultimate Spider-Man: Total Mayhem 3D

– Gameloft storefront, offering 3D game downloads

The market for glasses-free 3D devices remains unclear, as Nintendo’s 3DS handheld has not sold as well as expected, and other devices like 3D photo frames and TVs are very limited in availability.

Best Buy and Radio Shack have both begun accepting pre-orders for the Evo 3D, although neither has advertised it and customers must specifically ask a store associate for the device. Next week, however, Radio Shack is reportedly slated to include it in the front page of its weekly ad.