Sony wants rollable large-screen OLED TVs

Sony is currently working to develop a lineup of rollable, large-screen OLED television sets.

”The time will come when the very idea that an enormous black box TV was ever placed in rooms will seem strange,” Sony engineer Dr. Kazumasa Nomoto explained in an interview quoted by OLED-Info. 

According to Nomoto, the Japanese-based corporation has already successfully showcased a 4.1″ rollable OLED display boasting 423×240 resolution at 121ppi and 16.8 million colors – with a thickness that measures just 80um. 

So, how was the next-gen OLED display designed?

Well, Sony first engineered an organic-based TFT out of a peri- Xanthenoxanthene (PXX) derivative. 

Then, the company created a flexible gate driver circuit, followed by an insulating layer for the O-TFT and OLED using flexible organic materials.

Interestingly enough, all of the above-mentioned materials can be easily manufactured via an ink-jet printing process, allowing the company to create a viable lineup of futuristic displays with (relatively) minimal cost.

It should be noted that Sony has recently increased its efforts to optimize both the performance and reliability of OLED materials and components. [[Sony]]