Samsung launches $300 HMX-Q10 handheld camcorder

With the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas fast approaching, manufacturers are dropping products announcements left and right. Just today, Samsung announced its new HMX-Q10, the newest in the company’s line of portable camcorders.

The camera is designed to combine ease of use with technical superiority for $300. 

Using a BSI CMOS sensor, the camcorder records in 1920×1080/60i HD.

Another cool feature is the built-in optical image stabilization duo designed to compensate for shaky hands and poor videotaping skills.

To be sure, this camera’s CMOS sensor records at twice the sensitivity of normal CMOS sensors to reduce noise and distortion, while enhancing recording quality in low-light situations like restaurants or while camping.

But perhaps the coolest thing about this camcorder is its Switch Grip technology.

Switch Grip means that no matter how the camcorder is held, the G-magnetic sensor inside will recognize the angle and turn the LCD display so you can easily see what you’re recording. 

So, whether you’re a lefty or a righty, shooting horizontally or vertically, the camera will accommodate you.

Samsung also claims this camera has an “Easy Operation” feature, which allows for easy control of playback, viewing, and other settings on the handheld screen, making it somewhat idiot proof.

For people interested in video editing, the camera integrates Samsung Record Pause technology that adds a brief pause in filming before re-starting for easy editing. 

This helpful features is perfect for someone who wants to get into video editing but doesn’t have much video editing expertise.

The awesome thing about this camera is it’s versatile. You can take HD movies and then hand the camera to your friend and achieve a movie of similar quality even if he or she is terrible at taking video. 

The camera’s smart features like Switch Grip and the optical stabilization duo make it easy to produce high quality HD videos no matter who’s filming. 

The camcorder can also double as a point and shoot camera, capturing 4.9MP of still photos. [[Samsung]]