Sony Ericsson intros a 1.3-inch mobile phone "remote control"

For customers who think it’s too much of a hassle to actually pull their phone out of their pocket, Sony Ericsson is bringing out a device that connects to a phone and provides a quick snapshot at important information.

The LiveView remote control has a 1.3-inch OLED touchscreen and pairs up to a phone via Bluetooth. It displays information like text messages, Twitter and Facebook feeds, the current time and date, and calendar reminders.

If you’re listening to music on your phone, the LiveView also lets you remotely control playback including track selection and volume control.

The idea is to clip the tiny device onto your bag or keychain so it’s always immediately accessible and you don’t have to keep pulling your phone out of your pocket to check your latest texts or whatever.

The LiveView can not only connect with Sony Ericsson handsets but also with any Android device that has Android 2.0 or later. It basically runs every operation that the phone can except for making calls.

“It is our ambition to be THE Communication Entertainment brand and this includes being the most open mobile phone brand on the market. We believe in openness and offering consumers a wide range of applications to choose from. We will continue to develop accessories to ensure we play a major and groundbreaking role in the market and design innovative and exciting accessories for all platforms, including Android,” said Sony Ericsson’s Mikael Henriksson.

To some, it will no doubt sound like the most pointless device ever. But there’s gotta be a market out there that can appreciate having a micro version of their phone for easy access.

Sony did not mention what the price will be for this very niche device, but said it will be available in stores in the fourth quarter of this year.

If you still can’t understand what the point of the device is, maybe this will help: