‘Batman’ director being pushed in 3D: report

Christopher Nolan, one of the hottest names in Hollywood thanks to his successful films like The Dark Knight and Inception, hates 3D. But apparently the studio he works for couldn’t care less what he thinks.

Nolan has gone on record saying he hates the over-saturation of 3D movies and wants nothing to do with it. With his latest movie, Inception, he insisted it not get converted into 3D for its theatrical debut.

He won that battle, at least for now. But he’s apparently no longer the one who gets to make that call. Check out this quotation from an IGN report on this story:

“Prevailing opinions at Warner are that Nolan will not enjoy the luxury of taking a pass on 3D for the new Batman movie, which will surely be set up for 3D from the beginning.”

Not only does it make sense for Warner to release such a high-profile film in 3D, because it will be the third of Nolan’s Batman movies they’ll be able to do the terrible thing every studio has done whenever they can – use the “3D” in its title. Yep, we expect it to be called Batman 3D instead of just Batman 3. Ugh.

This is the first high-profile case we’ve seen where a director is literally losing his artistic freedom in exchange for higher box office revenue, as Nolan will now need to restrict his filming schedule to accommodate the much more complex 3D shooting process.

I’m sure it’ll be cool to watch, but something about this sure rubs me the wrong way.