Solar Power takes Baby Steps to Become Mainstream as Technology Empowers Sustainable Harnessing

One Million Nigerians to be Connected to Smart Solar Power

Lumos and MTN recently made an announcement on nationwide rollout of Mobile Electricity Service, committing ambitiously to bring clean & affordable solar electricity to 1 million Nigerians in 2017. More than 150,000 Nigerians already have access to safe, reliable and affordable solar electricity 24/7. This electricity costs less than 50 US cents per day and customers can pay for Lumos solar system easily through their mobile phones.

This system, marketed as Lumos Mobile Electricity, is available at MTN stores and has helped Nigerians in replacing dangerous, noisy and expensive generators with modern solar electricity capable of powering lights, fans, cellphones, TVs, computers and other electronic devices. The approximate cost for this service is estimated at 150 NGN.

Owing to grants from DFID & GSMA, as well as financing of OPIC, the service has proved successful till date in Nigeria. After expansion of partnership with OPIC, Lumos Nigeria and MTN are now concentrating on rapidly increasing their service across Nigeria and ushering clean, accessible, and affordable electricity to 1 million people by 2017-end. Lumos states that this service initiative is a major milestone and will accelerate its growth across Nigeria, improving lives of millions.

Technological Advancements and Increasing Concerns Related to Energy Preservation to Drive the Global Smart Solar Market

Technological advancements have resulted in increased adoption of smart devices which include smart solar services, components and solutions among several industries & their applications. The purpose of technological advancements and adoption of smart devices is preservation of energy and minimizing environmental hazards. Growing concerns of customers towards resources of renewable energy and other environmental & social factors augmenting smart solar devices’ application positively impacts the growth of global smart solar market.

Key opportunities for the global smart solar market include emerging economies with soaring economic conditions and substantial investment in infrastructure. While some factors impeding the global smart solar market growth include high initial installation cost of smart solar components or opting for services or solution related to smart solar devices.

Dubai Sustainable Energy Initiative: A Flower-Shaped Solar Panel Capable of Reorienting Itself to Face Sunlight

Dubai Municipality recently unveiled a flower-shaped solar panel, named The Smart Flower, capable of reorienting itself to face sunlight. The Smart Flower, an Australian company development, comprises sensors that allows it to track sunrays automatically rendering it 23% more efficient compared to traditional roof-top solar systems. The device consists of a weather-adapting feature and a passive ventilation system ensuring its efficiency at high temperatures. Dubai Municipality’s commitment to implement creative ideas and innovation pertains to the vision of Dubai government of becoming world’s most sustainable and innovative city. The Smart Flower is just one of the various initiatives led by the local authorities.

The Lone Star Solar Partnership in Texas

A group of seven local companies of renewable energy collaborated to form the Lone Star Solar Partnership for the purpose of their business growth and benefit themselves from new rebates favoring San Antonio-based companies. This partnership is being led by Go Smart Solar. While other partners include Mission Solar Energy (a solar panel manufacturer), KACO new energy (a power inverter maker) and four local solar installers. In this partnership, Go Smart Solar does lead generation and further serves the developer & engineer for both commercial as well as residential projects that exclusively utilize solar panels produced by Mission and inverters produced by KACO.

Sustainable energy is gaining prominence, as government and private institutions work towards harnessing the power of Mother Nature. It is expected that with the advancement in technology, there will be a time when renewable sources of energy will be at par with the existing power generation sources.

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