Wolfram makes bid to topple Google

Is Google unstoppable?

We would have asked that question of Wolfram, developed by British physicist Stephen Wolfram. But the Alpha version doesn’t want to give you any answers yet because it launches in the middle of May.

The search engine styles itself rather grandly as a computational knowledge engine and works by dipping onto the Internet and pulling data from databases

Stephen Wolfram reckons that Wolfram will have a grasp of what you’re talking about, trundle away and come back with the results. That means it’s probably going to be of more interest to scientists and technologists, because although there will be information about Kylie Minogue and other celebrities, there isn’t going to be very much.

Wolfram is the latest in a long line of contenders attempting to topple Google from its perch and the Wolfram behind Wolfram claims that there’s far less ambiguity in the results the search engine brings than with Google and the others.

Unlike Google, Wolfram doesn’t have any moral stance – the firm makes no pretensions to be good or evil. The company was formed in 1987 and specialises in scientific products including Mathematica.