Robot stalks your grandma from room to room

Gecko Systems International said it has finished prototyping its CareBot MSR 3.87 and it’s going to be a boon if the specs turn out to be spot on.

R.Martin Spencer, CEO of the firm said it will watch your grandma or your children, patrol your home and run errands for up to 14 hours before he, she or it needs re-charging.

The firm has developed Gecko Trak hardware and software which means the CareBot can automatically follow your grandma from room to room. It will tel her when to take her medicine and prod her when her favorite TV programs are on.

How does it work? Gecko says that it’s developed a combination of different hardware and software blended into the CareBot. So she, he or it “knows” or rather is aware when someone needs to be contacted immediately about the people being looked after.

What does it look like? Why it looks like a robot of course. You can go here to see a video of how it performs. In the video it doesn’t move very fast which shouldn’t bother you unless your grandma has a good turn of speed.