Why You Should Not Use a Free Proxy Service to Protect Your Privacy?

This question can be very confusing if you do not actually understand what a proxy is, right? So, I will first explain what exactly is a proxy.

A proxy is actually a server. It is just like the middleman between the one accessing the system, and the website he is browsing. The function of a proxy is that important information like your IP address and MAC can be hidden. This is a matter of privacy and security, and therefore the key role played by proxy is to protect from your privacy threats. Also, it also allows you to surf the net anonymously.

There are two main type of proxies in the market—the paid proxies and the free proxies. Well, their names explain their differences – you need to spend money on the former one while the latter is open to all users to use. My point here is that, you should buy private proxies instead of relying on free proxies.

Why do I need to spend money on proxies? This is due to the paramount advantages of paid proxies, and I will explain them to you below:

First of all, the paid proxies are extremely reliable. Think: what is the very purpose for using a proxy? To hide your own identity. Imagine that when you are using free proxies and surfing the web. After 30 minutes, the protection of your identity just breaks since the proxy breaks down. This is intolerable absolutely. But this is what happened frequently among free proxies. On the other hand, private proxies are more stable and trustworthy since more resources is contributed into developing it.

Besides, paid proxies are also faster. It will be a frustrating experience if your identity is protected, but what you sacrificed is the precious time you need to wait for your webpage to load. Many users also give up using proxy services as a result. Instead of that, an alternative way to solve this issue is to rely on paid proxies.

As mentioned, more attention and expertise are employed to develop paid proxies, and therefore you will still be able to enjoy high internet speed while at the same time enjoying the benefit of having your IP address hidden. This means killing two birds with one stone.

Of course, if you simply do not have privacy or security concerns, you can just be happy to use free proxy. This may be your attitude if there is nothing personal stored in your computer, so even if it is hacked, you will have nothing to lose. But wait, if this is the case, why at first place use a proxy at all?

Again, the reason for using proxy is to protect one’s identity. In reality, I believe that most people will have something personal stored in their computer or internet connecting devices. This may be credit card passwords, or your home address. There are just so many things that you do not want others to see.

And I understand the utter importance of privacy and protection of these information. They are not a

random or causal issue. Therefore, why not spend that little sum of money to give yourself a boost of protection from maybe 75% or 80% to 100% by using paid proxies? After all, paid proxies are not costing you an arm and a leg!

If a mild cost can exchange so much benefit over using free proxies, then it seems difficult to find the reason why one should continue using paid ones. This is indeed illogical, and is against one’s best interest. If you want to be REAL SAFE when surfing the net, then use paid proxies.