We didn’t copy Windows 7 from Mac OS. Did we?

Microsoft has rebutted Microsoft statements that it based the look and feel of Windows 7 on the Apple Mac OS.

Yesterday, a Microsoft manager said that what his company had tried to do with Windows 7 was “create a Mac look and feel in terms of graphics”.

But that was followed by another statement from Microsoft comms manager Brandon LeBlanc, who laid into Simon Aldous from Microsoft.

LeBlanc said that Aldous’ comments were “inaccurate and uninformed”. Windows 7 doesn’t look anything like the Mac OS and Aldous wasn’t involved in any aspect of designing Windows 7.

Of course, this debate will never really go away because both graphic user interfaces owe their ultimate genesis to the geniuses at Xerox Parc who came up with such a concept and suggested the use of a pointing device to navigate around a screen.

Apple got there first – and for a while there were two operating environments, GEM and Windows, both of which floated above the command line prompt in DOS. And then there was OS/2.

Steve Jobs is generally reckoned to be better looking than Bill Gates.