The Pope is now on Twitter

Pretty much no one has an excuse for not being on Twitter now.

Even the Pope now has his own account on the micro-blogging site, in an event that tied into the launch of the official Vatican iPad app.

Pope Benedict XVI made history this week and will forever be known as the first papal leader to send a message on Twitter.

“Dear Friends, I just launched Praised be our Lord Jesus Christ! With my prayers and blessings, Benedictus XVI,” he wrote in his inaugural Tweet.

The message references the new official Vatican website in which users can receive the latest updates from the Holy city.

The cutting edge religion is also on iTunes, with an official Vatican app now available for iPad users. The app likewise provides information about what’s going on in the Catholic community.

Benedict XVI has shown relative interest in technology, and is responsible to helping to bring Catholicism into the digital age.

Of course, Twitter has become a beacon for high-profile users to express themselves directly to fans and followers. Politicians, movie stars, academicicans, and corporate executives have all made the social networking site one of the most important platforms in Internet history.

The site has itself been part of history as it has been the source of corporate news leaks, political scandals, and major international announcements.