Steve Jobs claims Adobe Flash is a CPU hog

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has reportedly stepped up his war of words against Adobe and its widely used Flash platform.

According to numerous reports out of Silicon Valley, Jobs has been on a holy anti-Flash crusade of late. During a recent closed door meeting with the Wall Street Journal, Jobs contemptuously dismissed the platform as a “CPU hog” full of “security holes” and “old technology.”

He allegedly went on to confirm that Apple was not planning to support Flash on its upcoming iPad or any future versions of the iPhone.

But Jobs didn’t stop there. Internal sources claim that the CEO extraordinaire went as far as to say that Flash was the leading cause of Mac crashes and that HTML5 was the future during a recent employee meeting.   

Not to be outJobbed by Apple, Adobe chief Shantanu Narayen has dismissed Apple’s criticisms and issued a stern warning against ignoring its powerful eco-system of partners.

Narayen has also described Apple’s business model as a ” proprietary lock” which deprives consumers of their right to view the web in all its Flash-enabled glory.