WealthTrace Review

It’s a fact of life that everyone has to retire one day. When that day comes, it’s important to have the right financial backing in place, so that it’s possible to enjoy the free time which has become available, without struggling financially. When choosing investing or savings paths, to make sure that this happens, it helps to use reputable financial planning software.

I have taken a look at WealthTrace, a comprehensive financial planning software that is supported by a professional team with over 40 years’ experience in the financial planning arena. This software has many impressive features which I am going to take a look at in more detail.

Different plans to suit different circumstances

One of the most useful aspects of using WealthTrace is the different plans that are available. There is a separate plan for financial advisors and three for personal use.


This account costs $229 for the first Year and $169 on renewal. For this, users get unlimited basic access and email, phone, and live chat support.


This account costs $249 for the first year and $199 on renewal. For this, users have access to everything that is covered in the basic account as well as extras such as expert planning assistance, what-if scenarios and the ability to link investment accounts.


This account costs $299 for the first year and $249 on renewal. Everything that is included in the advanced account is covered as well as additions such as historical investment data, performance history, and Roth conversion scenarios.

When you consider that a flesh and blood financial advisor costs around $250-$400 an hour to hire and/or around 1% of the managed investment, you can see why using WealthTrace software makes good financial sense.

Access to financial planning on the move

Given that most of us now access the Internet using a mobile device, it makes sense that good financial software should be available to use on a tablet or smartphone. WealthTrace has got this covered. Users can easily create or change a budgeting plan, check cash flow and take many other financial planning actions wherever they are, by simply accessing the software on a mobile device.

Essential data in one place

For investors who have little experience, data such as the tax implications of decisions is not something which is obvious straight away. WealthTrace holds this data and applies it to accounts, making for better-informed decision making. For users of the advanced and deluxe plans, there is access to specific scenarios and more advanced data options.

Advanced security of information

Using any software comes with its own security risks. However, I found that WealthTrace is dedicated to the security of users’ data. The information that is provided by users is never to disclosed to third parties unless the individual specifically requests that information is disclosed. It’s also worth noting that all data is encrypted, for added security.

In summary

WealthTrace is an excellent investment software tool for anyone who wants to start to invest and does not want to face the expense of hiring a financial advisor. Users have access to tools such as expert investing advice, the ability to link investment accounts and built-in scenarios and advice, depending on which account option they choose. These tools can all provide valuable support to enable good investment decisions to be made.