9 Best Ways to Hire Exceptional Staff Members

Are you looking to hire exceptional staff members? If yes, then there is a lot that you need to do to get the best of the best. Here are the nine best ways to hire the best employees.

1. Use Social Media

Social media is a great hiring tool. Social hiring lets you share job posting with all your networks and promotes a two-way conversation. Even if the individuals you reach are not interested in the position you are hiring, it’s possible they may know a person who is a great fit. Additionally, by sharing videos and photos from firm events or daily office life, you offer potential applicants a view of the culture of your company.

2. Treat Candidates like Clients

Whether it’s an in-person interview or phone screening, the first impression of a candidate regarding your company is essential. It is critical you make them know you are as happy about knowing them as they are about being considered for the position. One of the best techniques for hiring is to treat interviewees similar to the way you treat clients. Be sure to respect their time by being timely about the interviews. In case you run late, ensure you inform the candidate in advance. Also, be hospitable by offering candidates a beverage and showing them the lounge and the restroom. Make them feel as comfortable and as welcome as possible. Additionally, offer the candidates your contact information to enable them to reach out to you with concerns and questions during the process.

3. Create Attractive Job Descriptions

Creating a thorough and attention-grabbing job description is vital to interacting with qualified candidates. You can do this by making titles as specific as possible. The higher the accuracy of your job title, the higher the effectiveness of getting the interest of the most interested and qualified job seekers. Start with a captivating job summary by offering an overview that gets candidates excited about the position and the firm. Also, include the essentials, like main responsibilities, daily activities, suitability of the position to the firm, and the soft and hard skills. Remember to keep the descriptions concise between 700 and 2,000 words.

4. Pre-Employment Assessments

These refer to questionnaires or tests that are completed by candidates as part of the application procedure. Companies like Berke utilize expert and valid assessments effectively in determining the most qualified candidates based on their preferences and strengths.

5. Consider Previous Candidates

Frequently, when you recruit for a position, some talented candidates fail to qualify due to some external factors like timing. When hiring for a similar position, be sure to revisit these past candidates’ resumes. These candidates already know your firm and could have learned some new experiences and skills that could be valuable.

6. Attend Industry-Associated Meetups

While job fairs can aid you in getting qualified candidates, events that are not specific to recruiting offer an ideal opportunity for meeting motivated industry professionals who are excited to network and advance their careers.

7. Include Peers in the Hiring Process

At times, the ideal person for interviewing a candidate is a person working in a similar role. This staff member is already aware of what it takes to excel in the role and can verify whether individuals have the experience and skills required to perform the job well. Also, existing staff members can offer a precise description of daily experiences and assist candidates in better understanding what is expected from them if recruited.

8. Claim the Company Page

Before making a job application, candidates usually take time to look up salary benefits, employee reviews, benefits and more. All this data can be obtained from various recruitment sites, such as Indeed. If you claim your company page on these sites, you can add your branding, personalize your page, and respond to reviews.

9. Check Resumes Posted Online

Recruitment sites normally host millions of resumes from numerous job seekers. You can quickly get candidates by searching for skill and geographical area. Additionally, you can narrow your results by criteria, such as education level, years of experience, and more.

With these nine tips, you will be assured to get outstanding employees. Additionally, you will find staff members who are both passionate and driven.

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