Unlimited Features to Sharpen the Visual Appeal in a Video with FilmoraPro

Are you an aspiring filmmaker facing difficulties in producing professional quality videos with Final Cut Pro on Apple or Adobe Premiere Pro? Of course, both the software is great in its own way but doesn’t offer you the ease of use. Mastering such software need you to give much efforts and time which hardly any individual has in recent times. People look for easy ways to get things done. When it comes to video editing, people look for easily navigable software with great features.

Video editor FilmoraPro is such an amazing software that can be used even by a semi-pro. Basically, it is an advanced software for filmmakers like me who have very little technical knowledge and look for an easy way to create magic on screen. FilmoraPro has given me the freedom to explore my creativity without pondering over the functionalities of the features. Here’s a short review of the FilmoraPro video editing software to help you decide if it can be your best choice for video editing.

How to Use FilmoraPro

In order to start using the FilmoraPro software, here are the steps that you must follow:

  • Double click the file, to begin installation
  • Once complete, launch the software
  • Click the FilmoraPro icon to reach an easy to navigate and clean screen
  • You can see two parts in the user interface, one is “Create New Project” and another one is “Open Existing Project”
  • Click on Create New Project to open editor User Interface (UI)
  • The editor has two monitors
  • First one consist of the trimmer for importing video clip that you will add in the timeline or just add a video or audio using Range Marker Tool
  • The other monitor helps you to playback the timeline
  • There are several blocks in the workspace where each block has a few tabs called panels like Control, Layout, Scope, Text, Audio Mixer, Effects, Media, and more
  • In the Editor Panel, you can find several advanced features like slip tool, ripple edit tool, slide tool, selection tool, snapping, etc.
  • Rendering properties of the project, video, and audio can be edited with the help of the setting icon
  • In the top right-hand side corner of the Editor Panel you can find the Export button
  • From the Meters Panel on the right of Editor Panel check the visual representation of the audio levels
  • The panel not in use may be closed by clicking the X mark but the panels like Text, Media, Viewer, and Editor cannot be closed
  • For selecting the Workspace, you must click on View and then, Workspaces and select the workspace you want
  • Once the workspace is selected, FilmoraPro optimizes each panel for the selected task
  • Create a custom workspace by moving and tweaking around each panel
  • For saving the customized workspace panel to use in future click View and then Save Workspace
  • Enter the name of the workspace and click Ok
  • Click on import and media file
  • Add media file to the folder
  • Select the video to show it on the Trimmer panel
  • You may Insert the clip or use Range Marker to select the portion of the video you wish to insert
  • You may also use Use Audio and Use Video to drag and drop the track
  • Once you insert the clips, the Viewer Panel will show the output
  • FilmoraPro comes with several tools for you to edit the clips
  • Once editing is over, click Export from the Editor Panel
  • Log in with your Wondershare id to get access to full range of features completely free but the output has a watermark in it
  • For removing the watermark, choose the subscription available

Features of FilmoraPro

The FilmoraPro features include-

  1. Refine your video clips with perfection with the tools like range markers, timeline clips grouping, add only audio or video, limitless video tracks
  2. Bring clarity in audio with auto compressor, audio noise reduction, auto audio sync, and audio transition features
  3. Ensure precision in all your videos with auto color correction, high-quality preset tools, scopes, shadow, mid-tone and more
  4. Let your images look real as if it can breathe with full animation support, track and graph editor, ease out and ease in options
  5. Get Hollywood style visual effects to explore your creativity

The powerful FilmoraPro video editing software is one of the finest tools available for the professionals. It offers advanced features like 4k videos, GPU based rendering to make production faster. Download FilmoraPro now and start editing videos with precision.