Helping Others Build Their Businesses: What Drives Clients on Demand CEO Russell Ruffino

When some business owners decide to set up shop, their primary goal is to grow their companies to massive levels. While this is somewhat the same for Russ Ruffino, founder and CEO of Clients on Demand, what really pushes him to take his own company to levels that are higher than most entrepreneurs believe possible is his ability to help others do the same.

Yes, the whole purpose behind Clients on Demand is to help service-based business owners learn the steps necessary to grow their businesses. As such, Ruffino and his team focus on providing their clients the tools necessary to attract new leads, enroll new clients, and ultimately grow their businesses. But what makes Clients on Demand different than its competitors?

Clients on Demand’s Unique Approach

While some business coaching companies seem to focus solely on the specific actions service providers such as coaches and consultants need to take to become bigger and stronger, Ruffino understands that simply knowing what to do isn’t enough. Instead, people need assistance while going through the process, which often involves providing mental support too.

Taking this two-prong approach is what supplies the greatest transformation according to Ruffino. And since that is what his clients are hoping for—a transformative outcome—it is an approach that has served them well.

It’s All About the Clients

In fact, it is the clients that are at the heart of Ruffino’s business. So much so that, if you go to the About page of the Clients on Demand website, you’ll not only learn a few of the reasons why you should hire Ruffino and his team, but also why you should not.

In the section titled “3 Reasons Why You Should NOT do Business With Us,” you’ll learn that if your goal is to get rich quick, if you work in a field that doesn’t involve solving major life or business challenges, or if you’re not completely committed to helping your own clients win, then Clients on Demand isn’t the right company for you.

How many companies do this? How many companies will tell you to your face if you are not the right fit for them? Not many, which is just one small display of the amount of integrity and character that Ruffino infuses in his business.

Achieving Grand Results

And Ruffino isn’t interested in helping his clients achieve minor results either. No, his desire is to help them achieve massive, mind-blowing growth. And he is doing just that.

Several of Ruffino’s clients have reported growing their companies massively after working with Clients on Demand. For instance, Kaneisha Grayson, who spends her days helping students get in the door at IVY league graduate schools, reports that she earned $41,000 in revenues in just seven weeks by following Ruffino’s approach.

Violet Lange, a coach that helps women have more successful and loving relationships, had her revenues increase by 100 times. And that’s just within the first 10 weeks of working with Clients on Demand.

Dreaming (and Acting) Big

With Ruffino, it is clear that he dreams big. That’s what he inspires in his clients as well, encouraging them all to reach for the stars and create the business of their dreams.

Most importantly, he doesn’t just offer motivation to do big things, he also provides the tools necessary to make these dreams happen. This makes him both a dreamer and a doer.

As such, the mere fact that he gets his clients to do and be the same is a testimony to just how much heart and passion this one man has for those he is tasked to serve.