2019 Best Free Video Converter for Windows

Which is the 2019 best free converter for Windows? In this article, we will introduce you to the a 2019 best free video converter for windows and highlight its key features.

Why do we need video converter for different formats?

You can find many different video converters, it is hard to choose because they bear similar features. Video converters help us convert videos from one video format to another different format so that we can be able to play and watch them in different devices and different media players. When it comes to choosing video converters, go for a video converter that supports different video formats, easy to use and one that has different functionalities. You are now wondering which converter to use right?

The best choice is Wondershare Free Video Converter as the best free video converter for Windows 2019. It is a media converter that supports conversion of videos and audios, editing of files a transfer of files to different devices.

Features of Wondershare Free Video Converter

Here are some detailed key features of 2019 best free video converter for Windows

· It is a video converter that supports up to 1000 video formats including the DVD formats with the program watermark This means you can input a different file format and output another.

· For audio formats, you will be able to input MP3 formats and converts it to 100 audio formats but with adds.

· It is integrated with a DVD burner, that helps in converting DVD media, editing DVD files, burning media to discs and creating DVDs with customized menu.

· With this software you can also upload videos of different formats and merge them into a single quality format of a preferred format.

· It is an efficient software that supports batch upload and conversion of files. It is upload and download speed are high.

· This free video converter also supports conversion of videos to VR format. This feature is available in its toolbox.

· The toolbox has a media editor and GIF creator that supports photos and videos. On this toolbox, you will be able to edit metadata of five files as well as create five GIFs.

· It is also a reliable YouTube downloader that supports download of files and its subtitles from YouTube.

· This program is also built with a video editor that allows you to crop, trim, rotate, adjust subtitle, add watermarks and personalize videos by adding watermarks and effects. Remember that the video editing output has

· It also a robust recorder that allows you record a minute video of your screen activities, Facetime, website and Skype that are of high quality.

· If you have around five files that you want to transfer to mobile device or external device, then you need to use this free video converter.

· Wondershare Free Converter supports Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10 while for Mac platform the supported OS are 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12, 10.13 and 10.14.

The difference between Free Version and Premium Version

Wondershare Video Converter has its premium version that supports unlimited version. The unlimited version contains all the features highlighted above of the free version as well as the technical specifications. To get real understanding of what we are talking here are the differences between Wondershare Video Converter Free Version and the Wondershare Video Converter Premium version.

· While the free version allows you to convert videos with watermarks, the premium version supports video conversion without any watermarks in its output.

· The free audio conversion outputs have ads while the premium audio conversion has not watermarks.

· When converting files in the premium version, you can enable high speed conversion while the free version lacks this feature.

· Wondershare Video Converter free version only supports online download of files from YouTube only, whereas premium version supports 10, 000 sites. Some of these sites include YouTube, Spotify, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter Instagram, Dailymotion, Adult sites and much more.

· With the premiumversion you can download standard videos, high quality videos an ultra HD videos from YouTube to MP3 format within a click a feature that lacks in the free version.

· The premium version allows you to download playlist of files from sites like YouTube, Lynda.com whereas in the free version you cannot download playlists.

· Unlike the free version, the premium version supports batch download of files online

· Since the premium version is built with GPU accelerator you will be able to download videos three times faster than the free version and other video converters available.

· Another advantage of premium conversion over the free version is that you will be able to download and convert files within a click.

· As for the free version, burning DVD videos has watermarks while burning videos in the premium version has no watermarks.

· When it comes to editing of files of in the free version, you will get to use all the features but the output has watermarks. On the other hand, the premium version editing output has no watermarks.

· Unlike the free version where you can only record a one-minute video the premium version does not limit you on the size and length of recording.

· The free version allows you to transfer only five files to your mobile devices and external devices, whereas the premium supports unlimited transfer of files to your mobile device.

· You will also note that the free version allows you to fix metadata of five files but with the premium version you will be able to edit metadata of many files as you can.

· Lastly, the free version allows you to only create 5 GIFs from videos and photos, whereas the premium version allows you to create unlimited GIFs.


As you can see it is necessary to have a video converter so that you can convert files to videos, audios, VR or GIFs. You can also edit, burn and transfer files if you are using Wondershare Video Converter. Although the free version has the features that are helpful it has limitation leaving the Wondershare Video Converter premium version as the 2019 best video converter.