Snow Leopard tops Amazon’s sales charts

Chicago (IL) – Amazon began offering preorders for Apple’s upcoming Mac OS X 10.6 operating system, also known as Snow Leopard. Within four days, the software has become the most popular software on the website.

According to Amazon’s bestseller listings, the $29 single-user upgrade of Snow Leopard is currently the retailer’s strongest selling software product. The $49 5-user upgrade follows in second place. Only users who currently use Mac OS X Leopard can take advantage these upgrade versions. Users of older Mac OS X versions will have to buy the $169 Mac box set (which includes iLife and iWork) or the $229 Mac box set family pack to be able to install the new OS on their computers. The two versions are currently listed at #31 and #39 on Amazon’s sales charts.

Apple’s current operating system, version 10.5.6 Leopard, sells for $100 and ranks 22nd on the listing.

Interest for Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system seems to have subsided after the initial promotion phase ended. The Premium upgrade is at #15, the professional upgrade at #45 and the Ultimate upgrade at #55. The second bestselling Windows is still the full version of Windows XP SP2, which is listed at #37. Windows Vista is currently not among Amazon’s 100 bestselling software titles. About a month ago, we still found the Vista Home Premium SP1 Upgrade at #89.

Apple is expected to release Snow Leopard sometime in September, ahead of Microsoft’s Windows 7 launch on October 22.