"Intel’s" TSMC declares war on "AMD’s" Globalfoundries

San Francisco (CA) – The Chairman of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC) recently told reporters that he expected to triumph in a protracted and bloody war with GlobalFoundries. The septuagenarian compared himself to Stalin.

“We consider GlobalFoundries to be a formidable competitor,” said Morris Chang, who was quoted by PC World. “I really think the battle will be a high casualty one. My job is to minimize the casualties on my side.”

According to Chang, the construction of GF’s 4.2 billion Fab 2 chip factory in upstate NY indicated a strategy of “total” committment. The opinionated Chang also compared GF’s strategy to German attempts to hold the line at Stalingrad after being surrounded by Russian troops.

“Like Stalin, I have no doubt of the outcome,” boasted General Chang.

GlobalFoundries spokesperson Jon Carvill responded to Chang’s questionable analogy by reiterating GF’s “total” commitment to fair competition.

“The groundbreaking in NY and the announcement of our newest customer, STMicro, were huge milestone for us and represents a long-term commitment to delivering the world’s most advanced technologies in high-volume to the market,” Carvill told TG Daily.

However, Carvill did concede that TSMC was a “strong” and “well established leader” in the foundry industry.

“We look forward to competing with them and offering a true alternative for those companies looking for the world’s most advanced technology and manufacturing capabilitities,” added Carvill.