Second Reality takes us back to the future

Second Reality was created by the very talented Future Crew for Assembly ’93.

The demo – which placed first in the PC category – was released to the public shortly after the event.

SR is thought to be one of the best demos ever to hit the early 90’s scene, with Slashdot dubbing it one of the top 10 hacks of all time.

“Awesome, Mindblowing, Unbelievable, Impossible. Some of the words used to describe what this piece of code from demoscene gods Future Crew did on 1993-era PC hardware,” CmdrTaco wrote, way back in 1999.

“Even by today’s standards, what this program can do without relying on any kind of 3D graphics acceleration is impressive.

“As if the graphics weren’t impressive enough, it can even playback in Dolby Surround Sound.”

Imagine that! 

It certainly isn’t difficult to get nostalgic for those early years of the PC scene, which were characterized by Doom, ASCII art, Creative Sound Blasters, AMD 386DX-40 chips, Intel 486 processors, and yes, even OS/2 Warp.