"Kill Fidel" mission in Call of Duty not ok with Cubans

Cuba is taking a lot of offense over the latest Call of Duty game because it “stimulates sociopathic attitudes” in young players. At least, that’s what the state-run media called it once it realized the game asks players to kill Fidel Castro.

Cubadebate.cu reported on a mission in CoD: Black Ops that allows players to seek out Castro and kill him, personifying him as an enemy character.

“What the United States government did not achieve in more than 50 years, it now tries to do virtually,” reads the Cuban news story.

Because there are missions set in the Cold War, players do spend some time in Cuba, where they try to track down Castro but it proves to be an insurmountable ordeal.

As the Cuban news story notes, this is reflective of real life, because even though 600 US-sanctioned attempts have been made to murder Castro, none ever succeeded.

US officials have long refuted the highly-publicized (in Cuba) claim that they have specifically tried to kill the Cuban leader.

So, the moral of the story is that when you have a monstrously successful game franchise that starts to meddle in real-world political intrigue, there’s bound to be some stirring of the metaphorical pot.