SAFE analyzes and detects plagiarized code

SAFE has deployed a cloud-based service capable of analyzing and identifying plagiarized code.

According to SAFE president Bob Zeidman, CodeScreener detects copied code by precisely measuring the correlation between two programs, social network games, or mobile apps.

“[The online platform] uses SAFE’s state-of-the-art CodeSuite forensic software as the back-end analysis engine,” Zeidman told TG Daily in an e-mailed statement.

“CodeScreener [also] includes a unique common-use filter option that [employs] Internet searches to eliminate correlation not caused by copying. The result? A clean report where any remaining correlation found warrants examination as potential copying.”

The service – which compares either source or compiled object code – currently supports 25 programming languages.

However, additional languages are being rolled out on a regular basis. 

CodeScreener is available now and can be accessed at for a $100 fee.