Russian architects design a subterranean city

A Russian architectural firm is touting detailed plans for an eco-friendly, subterranean mega-city.

If built, the city would be located in a former Eastern Siberian mine that measures more than one kilometer in diameter and 550 meters deep.

According to eVolo, a glass dome will be constructed to shield the underground metropolis from freezing Siberian winters and blazing hot summers. 

The glass dome is also slated to be covered by advanced photovoltaic cells capable of harvesting vast quantities of solar energy.

Planners estimate that the subterranean project could attract and accommodate up to 100,000 people, who would live in a specially designated residential level.

Other levels are expected to house vertical farms, forests, residences and recreational zones.

Additional information, along with blueprints can be found here, on the AB Elise website.