RIAA spokesperson eulogizes "dead" DRM

San Francisco (CA) – The chief spokesperson for the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has declared an unceremonious end to the age of music digital rights management (DRM).

When asked about his views on DRM for an upcoming SCMagazine article, Jonathan Lamy said rhetorically: “DRM is dead, isn’t it?” Lamy added that the future was “clear” and it was “not DRM.”

Lamy’s brusque statement marks an abrupt shift of policy for the RIAA, which has spent years loudly trumpeting the controversial standard. The spokesperson was reportedly reacting to harsh criticism of the copyright method, as well as Apple’s recent decision to offer DRM-free music at its iTunes store.

It should be noted that DRM controls are often bypassed by simply burning content to an audio CD or virtual drive and then converting the data into-DRM free files.