QuickBooks 2019 vs Cloud Apps

Is QuickBooks 2019 going to revolutionize small or medium sized business bookkeeping or will Cloud software lead the way? The answer to that is a bit on the complicated side simply because there are so many variables that can come into play. But before we look at the possibilities, let’s take a look at the differences between computer software, like QuickBooks, and cloud applications.

Cloud Software

The main difference between cloud and desktop software is that with cloud applications, your data is stored online. You could say that the cloud contains a massive supercomputer hard drive and you’d be sort of correct. What you do is store your data on a small piece of the cloud. It is secure but when you use cloud software, it means you can access your data from any computer that has an internet connection. This makes working from home or remotely much easier.

Desktop Software

When you use a desktop application like QuickBooks, you store your data on that specific computer. The hard drive in that computer is your access point. You can’t access your data from anywhere else. However, if you have QuickBooks installed on more than one computer, you can use the program and update your data on any of them. To stay consistent, you would keep a backup of the ‘new’ files on a flash drive to transport between computers.

The Attraction To QuickBooks

QuickBooks is the standard ‘go-to’ accounting program for small and medium sized businesses that tend to rely on desktop computers for their accounting purposes. Regular updates are released annually – usually in the fall – that fix bugs and sometimes add new and improved features to the program. With this regular schedule, it is safe to assume that QuickBooks 2019 will be released in September 2018. Will it be a solid release or just a lot of hot air? We’re not sure.

What Will The New QuickBooks Contain?

Well, there is no real way of knowing what is actually going to be included in the new release but there has been a lot of online speculation. Here is a short list of some of the more frequent requests being made by QuickBooks users. Bear in mind, the best people to turn to in order to improve your product is the people who use it most. That in itself makes the list a little more legitimate in our books. So, this list comes from that mindset:


QuickBooks users have requested two new custom options:

1 – Customizable Receive Item

2 – Customizable Pay Slips


One interesting possible new option would revolve around numerous approval routes:

1 – Approval for Invoices

2 – Approval for Bills

3 – Approval for Addition Paperwork

File Upgrades

Software users require extra options in working files:

1 – Search Field in Every Window

2 – Landed Costs

3 – Multiple Vendors for Single Items

4 – In-App File Condensing


An interesting suggestion from QuickBooks users includes:

  • Global Changes to Chart of Accounts


For the mistake-prone, one additional feature may save you a ton of extra work:

  • An Undo Button

Fingers Crossed

There is no doubt that we can see some very practical uses coming from many – if not all – of the suggestions that have swirled around QuickBooks Forums online. The software program itself has done a lot in changing how small and medium sized businesses handle their bookkeeping chores. The program has also provided a whole new cottage industry through the publication of many books and manuals dedicated to teaching simple bookkeeping with the software program as the guiding feature.

But what about the rumors? Well, there have been hints dropped by the manufacturers of QuickBooks (Intuit) and naturally, none of it will become reality or confirmed until the new version is released, but what is possible? Forecasters have made several predictions related to QuickBooks 2019. When you take a closer look at the suggestions, many actually do make sense and could put QuickBooks back in the forefront in changing how businesses conduct their bookkeeping chores. Here is a look at the main ones:

Customer Improvements

Speculation points towards making the software easier on tracking customer activity such as:

1 – Discounts on Volume Purchases

2 – Advanced Order Fulfillment

3 – Merging of Up To Four Vendors

4 – Customer Security

Inventory Control

Every business needs improvements to their inventory control including:

1 – Inventory Adjustments

2 – Enhanced Inventory Reports

3 – Merge Options

4 – Chart of Accounts Search Help

Something Extra

Forecasters feel that functionality is also due for improvement with:

1 – Additional Keyboard Shortcuts

2 – Secure Email

In Conclusion

There are definite benefits and drawbacks from using either cloud software or QuickBooks on your computer. It really boils down to the size of your business and the volume of transactions that are recorded in an average month. If all you need can be handled easily with cloud applications, then that would be your choice. If you see your business expanding or the inventory increasing to where simple tracking is no longer effective, then a desktop application could be your best solution. The specific desktop software program you choose is also entirely up to you however, QuickBooks is designed to meet the needs of just about any size business.

There are many features that you can use, or disable within the program. QuickBooks is quite simply the computer bookkeeping software program that all other programs will be measured against. It is that good and it is that useful. The fact that Intuit releases updates and fixes each and every fall should tell you something. Clearly, users of the program are anticipating the 2019 version will set the pace and have a huge impact on how businesses take care of their business. We’ll all just have to wait and see if the September 2018 update is everything that has been hoped for or if it’ll just be another in a string of online software rumors.