Psystar bootlegs Snow Leopard for the masses

Psystar has introduced a $50 software suite that allows OS X Snow Leopard to run on generic Intel-based hardware. The suite – known as Rebel EFI – is reportedly compatible with Intel Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, i7 and Xeon Nehalem CPUs.

“After downloading, users simply insert a retail copy of the Snow Leopard DVD, follow the installation procedures and then install the application,” explained Psystar. “The application automatically detects connected devices and downloads the appropriate drivers.”

According to Psystar, Rebel’s Darwin Universal Boot Loader supports additional operating systems, including Windows 7, XP, Vista and various Linux flavors.

“The Rebel EFI software supports a wide range of hardware profiles,” claimed Psystar. “As the software evolves, it will automatically update to take advantage of additional drivers and increased functionality.”

The controversial Mac clone manufacturer also announced the launch of an “approval program” to help customers troubleshoot incompatibility issues. 

“Users who are having difficulties getting a specific device to work correctly on their machines would send in their component to have it certified. The most common hardware set-ups are compatible, and through PsyLabs we will continue to work toward the Rebel EFI supporting an ever-broader range of hardware profiles.”

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