Phoenix ties knot with Samsung for "instantly on" notebooks

Samsung and Phoenix have linked up to produce the dream of end users everywhere, a notebook or netbook computer that starts instantly.

Phoenix said that people expected their notebook PCs and netbooks to perform with the speed, predictability and agility of smartphones.

That’s done by using Phoenix Hyperspace, which lets notebooks start and shut down within seconds – admittedly that’s not instant. The operating environment lets you switch to Windows for specific tasks only without a full system reboot, and claims to extend the battery life of your machine.

It also gives protection from viruses, malware and external threats, says Phoenix. HyperSpace hybrid lets Windows boot in the background while you are able to surf the web, check email or access Facebook until it boots up. It also connects to the best network available wherever you are.

Samsung said it plans to deliver next generation mobile devices that make use of Phoenix technology, found at