Parental Control App – A Great Safety Tool for the Tech Users of Today

We are all tech users today in one way or another but our children are the ones who have the maximum exposure to technology and the longest time with it. It is used in their homes, schools, public areas, in fact, it is with them 24 hours a day in the form of a smartphone. While it has made life easier in a lot of ways, it has also opened up a lot of dangerous pathways for kids.

There is always a chance that kids get access to porn sites and videos. They get addicted to games, texting and social networking and it affects their sleep, grades, and health as well. So, all kids who use smart technology must be properly educated to maintain a healthy relation with it. They also need supervision by the parents to guide them through and avert any dangers.

How can parents do that?

Parents are advised to start talking about tech safety very early and use a parental control app to monitor them. Applications like FamilyTime are great to keep an eye on kids’ tech and online activity. As it is technology itself presenting the solution, it is faster, smarter and gives more depth and precision to the parents. Check out several parental control features of FamilyTime to know how much it can help you with your child’s safety:

  • Mobile app blocker
  • Customizable screen time locks
  • Internet browser history
  • Call, contacts and SMS monitoring
  • Contact and Apps Watchlist
  • Content filtering on iTunes
  • Location tracking
  • Mobile Geofence places updates
  • Panic and pickup alerts
  • Safe drive monitoring

These features help to know what type of apps your kids’ use, how much time they spend with their devices, the people they contact, where they go and if they drive safely. You can also stop them from doing unsafe activities. All this is possible with just one app.

Child tech safety

Whether it is a teenager, a toddler or a tween getting a personal smartphone for the first time, they all need tech safety. A parental control app makes it possible for parents. Start using one today and make sure your kids are safe on the internet. It isn’t just about that but also a balanced tech use and good mental and physical health. Get your kids technological smart and safe!