Oracle discloses Sun plans

Oracle has been buying adverts in a bid to stop Sun’s Sparc and Solaris customers from leaving the platforms.

The adverts which are directed to “Sun customers,” promise to spend more “than Sun does now,” on developing Sparc and Solaris.  They pledge to boost service and support by having “more than twice as many hardware specialists than Sun does now.”

IBM and HP have been actively targeting Sparc and Solaris customers in the wake of the Oracle buyout.

Sun registered the biggest decline in server revenue in the second quarter which indicates that the sale has not been good for its hardware health.
To make matters worse the acquisition the European Commission this month said it would delay its antitrust review because of “serious concerns” about its impact on the database market.

Analysts talking to Computerworld  point out that Oracle’s plans to spend more “than Sun does now,” may be a little hallow because Sun’s spending on developing Sparc and Solaris is probably at a low.

The advert also seemed to imply that Oracle will keep Sun’s hardware and microprocessor capability and not spin it off.  This flies in the face of what many analysts think will actually happen.  There is some evidence that talks have been going on with HP to buy the business from Oracle the moment the sale is approved.