Microsoft says "We are not pornographers"

Software giant Microsoft has denied that it is a porn peddler after some sharp eyed hacks discovered some peculiarities over search engine Bing’s advertisements.

Techcrunch noticed that the Bing search engine appears in a lot of ads alongside the keyword “pornography” in Google.  This means that Microsoft had to have paid for to be associated with the world ‘pornography”.

Cnetpenned an article pointing out its suspicions that surrounded the appearance of ads for Bing next to searches for fleshy entertainment and it created a bit of a stir in Redmond.

A Microsoft representative fired off an angry missive claiming that “Microsoft has not purchased the keyword ‘pornography,’ and this term has never been in our AdWords account.”

The spokesperson said that it is Bing marketing team’s policy  not to have any adult content as part of any of its keyword buys or other marketing campaigns.

It claims that the words that are triggering those results is “Free Videos” and it has written to Google to ask why this ad is showing up in these types of queries.

Of course if you advertize with your rival things might not always go the way you think.  But one wonders why Google would want to link its rival with porn, which might actually give Microsoft  a lot more cash.