New Tivo app makes iPad a WiFi remote

As Tivo continues its climb to remain relevant in a world highly dominated by cable company DVRs, the company has just released a new iPad-specific app to be the perfect companion to anyone with a Tivo box.

Tivo Premiere acts as a WiFi-powered remote control for your Tivo. Instead of using the standard remote, this app lets you control playback with touch gestures, like swiping the screen to fast-forward or rewind.

It’s much more than that, though. It recognizes that many people don’t just sit and watch TV anymore. They have a laptop – or an iPad – in their lap and browse the Internet while watching the latest episode of Dancing with the Stars.

As such, what the app also offers is the ability to manage your Netflix account, so you don’t have to interrupt TV programming. You can schedule new recordings, set up a Season Pass for a new show, and look at full-screen listings and program guides.

Of course, the draw here is also that it’s mobile, so you can take it with you wherever you go. And if you see a billboard for Glee and totally forgot to set your Tivo to record that night’s episode, just whip out the iPad.

And no app would be complete without Facebook and Twitter integration, so you can also share your musings about all your scheduled-to-record TV shows.

The Tivo Premiere app will be available shortly, as a free download, and requires users to have a Tivo Premiere or Premiere XL box.