Facebook goes after another site with ‘book’ in its name

Facebook is continuing with its campaign to trademark two of the commonest nouns in the English language by turning its sights on a two-person website that highlights stupid Facebook posts.

Lamebook consists of a collection of amusing or unintelligent statements (no, “we own the word ‘book'” isn’t one of them) posted on Facebook. Many consist of unintended sexual innuendo; apart from a tendency for users to post rather spiteful comments

on some of the posts, it’s all pretty harmless.

But according to Facebook, the name itself is too offensive to allow. It’s filed a trademark suit against Lamebook, and has shut down its Facebook page.

“Facebook didn’t like us sticking up for ourselves, so they shut down our fan page, are preventing any users from ‘liking’ us, and won’t even let you share URLs with your friends if they point to Lamebook,” says Lamebook.

The move follows a recent attempt from Facebook to close down Teachbook, a site aimed at teachers, and location-based service provider PlaceBook. It’s even been said to have tried to trademark the word ‘face’ itself.

Undaunted, Lamebook continues on Twitter, here. And it plans to defend itself against Facebook by launching a pre-emptive legal strike of its own, calling for Facebook’s suit to be thrown out on principle, as it’s a parody site protected by the First Amendment.

“This is one website that’s not going down without a fight,” say founders Jonathan Standefer and Matthew Genitempo.

“With our first amendment rights under fire, we’ve made a daring legal move that we believe will help us defend ourselves under the law and keep this site up, allowing us to keep bringing you, your friends, your parents, and your creepy uncle the insanity that’s had us in stitches since we started.”