Networks collapse@CES 2010

You would think that any Consumer Electronics show would have decent Wifi, and perhaps a proper press lounge or two, but the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year has neither.

Furthermore, if an already stressed out hack braves the shlep to one of only two areas with intermittent and flakey WiFi, they would find themselves not in a ‘press room’ – oh no – but a “bloggers lounge.”

Bloggers lounge?!

So desperate is the situation in main conference hotel – The Venetian – that hacks have taken to sitting in the corridors outside using their own dongles for a bit of connected relief.

“You can’t file this story until after the keynote,” an Intel rep told this reporter after a demo which took place just before Otellini’s keynote. “Can’t” in fact being the operative word, as the packed out hall was completely devoid of guest connectivity.

“Intel’s WiMAX is the world’s first 4G network,” declared Otellini to his captive, unconnected audience Thursday afternoon, adding, “I’m happy to say WiMAX is alive and here in Las Vegas!”

Really, Mr Otellini? Is it? In that case… mind lending us your dongle while we sit in a corridor and blog?