Microsoft teases Internet Explorer 10

Yes, this comes just weeks after Internet Explorer 9 was released.

The wheels just never stop spinning over at Microsoft. The company has officially announced some of its plans for Internet Explorer 10 at the annual Mix event, a Microsoft-led conference about online development.

It was around this time last year that Microsoft first lifted the veil on IE9. And in fact, this annual browser announcement thing might become a regular thing for the company.

“They don’t want to be in the three- or even two-year cycle. They got the memo on that. It doesn’t work for browsers, or for any piece of software for that matter,” said IDC analyst Al Hilwa in a Computerworld story.

Not a whole lot of functional details have been revealed about IE10, although Nvidia is quick to boast that its Tegra “superchip” will be powering the software. It supports Nvidia’s ARM architecture, which is nothing new but still noteworthy nonetheless.

The major difference with IE10 is that it will only run on Windows 7. IE9 has some functionality that is optimized for the latest operating system, but the tenth installment in the company’s browser takes that to the next level.

Improved HTML5 functionality, deeper cloud integration, and faster speed are all major stories for the next version of Internet Explorer, Microsoft noted in a press release.

It’s unknown what Microsoft’s rollout schedule is for IE10, but early predictions peg a release date of early 2012.