Microsoft goes social with Outlook 2010

Corporate drones rejoice! You will soon be able to use Microsoft Outlook to view Facebook and MySpace status updates from the privacy of your dreary cubicles!

According to Microsoft spokesperson Dev Balasubramanian, the Outlook Social Connector – which was first introduced in November 2009 – has been upgraded with “new integrations” for Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn.

“The Outlook Connector brings together communications history, contact information, and professional and social networking information into the Outlook experience. [It allows] users to see e-mail and social activities for a contact in their network across multiple social networks, including Facebook and LinkedIn,” explained Balasubramanian.

“We think users will appreciate that the Outlook Social Connector doesn’t add another professional or social network into the mix. The Outlook Social Connector does offer busy people, who are already a part of one or several networks, convenience – not confusion.”

Balasubramanian also noted that the Connector LinkedIn plugin enabled members to transfer relevant contact data directly to their Outlook contact cards.

“Whenever someone changes a phone number, e-mail address, or other contact details, you’ll have it synced with Outlook so you’re always up to date,” added Balasubramanian.

The Outlook Social Connector for LinkedIn is currently available for download here.

However, Facebook and MySpace integration for Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010  is expected only when Office 2010 goes on sale in June.