Deranged WoW player shot during violent family dispute

A drunk and deranged WoW player was recently shot by an irate grandfather after attempting to choke his mother to death.

According to the True Crime Report, 27-year-old James Swan allegedly flew into a violent rage after his mother asked him to lower the volume of his World of Warcraft gaming.

“He was drinking and playing the game around 10 p.m., getting a bit too loud in the process. Since mom was trying to sleep, as were the five young children in the home, she asked him to quiet down,” wrote Pete Kotz of the True Crime Report.

“So he grabbed mom by the hair and threw her on the bed. When his little brother tried to intervene, he did the same to him. Mom bolted to the kitchen to call 911. Swan…ripped the phone from the wall [and] smashed his head through the kitchen wall.”

The scorned WoW gamer then threw his mother on the floor and began choking her. 

“So grandpa went to his room and got a gun. He and Swan wrestled over the revolver, sending a bullet glancing off Swan’s head and through the living room window.” 

Swan – apparently wounded by the bullet – was taken to a hospital where he (unsurprisingly) refused treatment and was unceremoniously arrested.

Meanwhile, a True Crime reader known as “Joe Schmo” told Kotz that he had personally observed a number “hardcore gamers” who exhibited “all the signs” of a drug addict.

“I’ve seen hardcore gamers that put off eating, put off showering, have no social life and never leave the house,” claimed Schmo.

“[However], I am [definitely] not saying that anywhere near close to a majority of gamers do this but that a small minority does. People with poor social skills and mental disorders are more prone to addictions.”