Michael Jackson tweets on swine flu

Microsoft has released its list of the top ten Bing search topics this year.

The number one trending topic was good old Michael Jackson, followed by Twitter and swine flu. Next comes the stock market, then Farrah Fawcewtt and Patrick Swayze – dead celebrities seem popular.

It ends up with Cash for Clunkers, Jon and Kate Gosselin, Billy Mays and Jaycee Dugard.

“Not surprisingly, we saw a lot of folks using Bing for quick access to favorite sites like Facebook, MSN, Youtube and Craigslist,” said general manager Danielle Tiedt on the company blog. “We also saw a lot of more complex searches such as product related queries in which people used Bing to help decide what MP3 player to buy and travel searches to help find the best deals on a tropical vacation.”

Bing’s share of the search market continues to creep up. It currently has just under 10 percent of the US market, according to ComScore, with Google at 65 percent and Yahoo on 18 percent.