Macheads can now "try before you buy" Microsoft Office

If you’re a Mac user and you absolutely cannot stomach the idea of paying for a Microsoft product, you can at least give Office a try for 30 days without spending a dime. Office for Mac has just introduced a trial program.

Users can download the free version directly from Microsoft’s website. It’s a 600 MB file and will offer access to the basic Office applications with no limitation for 30 days, just like PC users are able to do.

After the trial expires, users will be prompted to upgrade to the full version.

This comes as Microsoft says the Office for Mac software is selling incredibly well. In a blog post, the software’s senior director of product management Pat Fox said Office for Mac 2011 has already “gone past” the company’s internal expectations.

Right now, the software is only available as a bundled product with Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and Outlook, either in retail stores or directly through Microsoft’s online store. It is not available on the newly launched Mac App Store, which is regulated and managed by Apple.

The announcement comes just ahead of the annual Macworld Expo, where Office for Mac is expected to become a talking point. [[Mac]]