Keep Online Security at Check with Virtual Private Network Services

With a higher dependency on technology follows more challenges to keep data secure. Every year countless cases related to business identity theft, online fraud, cyber stalking etc., are reported. Using VPN’s will help to reduce these numbers drastically and also cut down the risk of cyber-attacks and security breaches as well.

The Significance of VPNs for a Business

VPNs are in high demand these days. And why not, as it helps in creating an encrypted connection amid the remote private network and your device. It means that networks and computers can decode the information only by having a particular key. This solution is affordable and is a viable method to secure your data. Together with enhanced security you can also at the same time access remotely, maintain online anonymity and share files. It will provide you with complete privacy to freely roam the internet devoid of being monitored, tracked or having the data gathered and stored.

A VPN network is specially designed for encrypting information before the same going through a network, upsetting potential attacks along with making purchases online a hassle-free affair. Any person who wants to check the sites that you visit, monitor what you download or see whether you utilize services like Skype or others cannot be tracked. When you use a VPN, it will help to hide your original IP from identity thieves and potential hackers.

Rise in Cybersecurity Breach in Businesses

The key targets for hackers are usually businesses as they are more susceptible to hacking, taking financial hits and losing private information. A study has revealed that about 40% cyber-attacks are aimed towards small companies and the remaining 60% at large organizations. A virtual private network is crucial to use as the hacker can see the login details of your employee on the unsecured network. Take for instance, if the employee does some bank transactions online the hacker can record their details and withdraw cash from their account.

The VPN turned popular for protecting the mobile worker. With corporations having mobile workers, the VPN turned into a mainstay. Most of the IoT (Internet of Things) devices connect to the risky networks. That makes it simple for a hacker to access devices easily through the unsecured networks. Not only will the information be compromised but your device can also crash and infected thereby removing all the files. Not only this, a hacker may even threaten to delete your data should you deny paying them a ransom. If you use an unsecured network get ready to face the consequences.

VPN is an excellent means to connect to the workplace remotely or a sneaky means around the streaming media. The P sadly does not always stand for private. There are a couple of free VPN providers that neither encrypt data nor protect traffic. Businesses with low budget choose the free solution due to their financial burdens.

Free VPNs are a Big No – Know Why

Avoid choosing free VPNs as your information will not be cent percent secure. Somehow or the other free services will pay for its overhead costs and VPN services that are available for free come in the likes of putting your browsing activity for sale for advertising to the third parties. It indicates your information will not be 100% private while your online experience is likely to be riddled with advertisements, lack data encryption, bottlenecked bandwidth speeds, and monthly capped data use. But when you choose a paid VPN, you can enjoy absolute value for money which means get what you pay for.

Paid Vs. Free VPNs

When you compare free VPNs with paid VPNs, the latter will be a far better choice because it is more robust and less susceptible to meltdowns and outages. A paid VPN service will work wonders in protecting the interest of the user and also sensitive data at high speed. Free service, on the other hand, will outsource to the third party for writing its code, monitoring systems, and operating servers. When it comes to the IP address, the paid service always will offer you with a plethora of choices, but the free service will come with limitations.

When you invest in the best VPN service, you will enjoy data encryption of about 256-bit in comparison to the free version that offers encryption of about 128-bit. The best part is when you choose a paid service you will not have any limitations on the data usage. Usually, in the case of a free service, there will be some data quotas that you cannot surpass. Most importantly, the paid version of VPN will offer top-notch customer service via answering queries right away and efficiently solve issues.

Top 10 Paid Virtual Private Networks for a Business

Although today paid VPNs are available in plenty, but the 10 best for your business are as follows,

  • CyberGhost
  • AnchorFree
  • TorGuard VPN
  • Private Internet Access
  • VyprVPN
  • VPN Unlimited
  • NordVPN
  • IvacyVPN
  • PureVPN
  • ExpressVPN

Key Advantages of Masking the Identity of your Business Online

Take a look at the key advantages of masking the identity of your business online.

<h3>Significantly Reduce Cyberattacks and Security Breaches-</h3> To be hit by a hacker may sound like something which other people or other companies face. But the most significant breaches are the ones that create headlines. Of late, there has been more cyber-attacks. When you use a VPN service, it will help in keeping the workers off public networks. This way you will adopt a big step to decrease your company’s likelihood of being targeted.

Encourage Productivity-

In case the employees in your company know about internet vulnerabilities it is obvious they will be wary of logging in from a public network. But what if they often have to travel? Having peace of mind indeed is essential for productivity. When you use a VPN, you can encourage this productivity.

Make Employees Feel Secure-

When you gather data from patients, customers or clients, you will be capable of soothing their worries through a VPN. Many of them may not know what the VPN entails, yet a little education will go a very long way. Relying on a firm that takes the additional step of keeping your data secure will be a good choice.

Home Base-

If you travel often or your employees do the same, replacing the original IP with the VPN can be essentiality. Some countries may restrict things that you can access when there hence to stay connected with the office and completing the task of having a VPN is a must. Besides, some customers and clients are wary when it comes to trusting an email they get from overseas. Through a VPN service, you can ensure that your company posts, emails, and others will represent the genuine home base.

Surprisingly Affordable

Upgrading to a VPN will be worth the cost. The prices will differ, but there is something for every budget range. In short, this is a budget-friendly choice that is effective and worthwhile. You cannot get this form of security for less.

Good for You-

Snoops will not be capable of intercepting traffic on an insecure network. Technically they can yet what they will view is just garbage. It is bad for a snoop but good for you.

Authenticate Yourself-

Your ISP or internet service provider will not be capable of tracking the activities of your company online. The government too will face a tough time to tail you. Websites such as that of a bank that can recognize you usually will not be able to do so. You will have to authenticate yourself.

Hacking or cyber-attack can happen for anyone, especially businesses that may appear vulnerable. A lot of companies to date have failed to attain their objectives because of a security leak. During such situations, things can be traumatizing both for the company staff and the company owner alike. Here, lies the reason why organizations should focus on their online privacy. To implement a VPN service for workers that work offsite is a security solution that is effective, fast and easy. It will work when all are on board. Ensure to inform employees as to why you have decided to begin a VPN protocol, teach them about the different perks and ways of accessing the network. It can and must be a fragment of onboarding which must be attached in the SOP as well as reiterate it regularly so that this stick.

The Virtual Private Network has gained immense recognition with private individuals and businesses alike. It helps in tapping an array of dedicated connections through encryption protocols for creating a virtual P2P connection. So, the moment any cybercriminal tries to access the transmitted data, the encryption will make sure that they cannot do so. It is the VPN that will route the data through the servers of the service provider. The best part is it will mask your location and identity against snoops. The data ideally will be scrambled or encrypted so if a hacker were to intercept this it will prove futile.