iPhone app blocks drunk and hazy texts

There is finally a hazy light at the end of a dark tunnel for those of us who find ourselves sending embarrassing texts when we’ve had one too many.

That’s right, because Samantha Deeter of Florida has created an iPhone app which makes it difficult for inebriated individuals to text incoherent, yet highly embarrassing messages to their friends or colleagues.

As you might have expected, Samantha confesses to hopping from bar to bar during her single days. 

It was during those times that the idea of a “text breathalyzer” initially crossed her mind.

But it was only years later that Samantha floated the idea to an app development firm, which liked the idea so much they made her a partner in the app’s creation.


Called the Textalyzer (derived from “text message” and “breathalyzer”), the software uses games to discourage an individual from indiscriminately sending the drunken texts.

For the app to work, the user must create (when in a sober state of course) a list of people they are likely to send such an SMS when they are inebriated.

So when the user tries to send a text, the app forces them to play a string of four games before they can successfully send the message. 

In a sense, this is a test of their sobriety – if they win in all four games, the message is successfully sent.

But if they fail any one of the four, they will be unable to send a text to the recipient for the next 12 hours. 

The logic is that by that time, the person will have sobered up and is in a state to make a more rational decision on whether they indeed intended to send the text.